Descriptions and articles about the Crow Killer, scientifically known as Anamirta cocculus in the Encyclopedia of Life. Includes Overview; Comprehensive Desc. Woody climbers. Leaves alternate, x cm, broadly ovate, apex acute, base truncate, 5-ribbed, coriaceous; petiole cm long. Flowers unisexual. Common name: Fish Berry, Indian berry, Levant nut • Hindi: काकमारी Kakamari • Kannada: chiplothi, chippula kaayi, chipula koll.

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Picrotoxin and picrotoxinin are substances with a distinct pharmacological profile, i.

The fruits are an ingredient of many homeopathic formulations. The stem also contains oxypalmine and stepharine. Picrotoxin has been used intravenously as an antidote against poisoning by barbiturates and morphine.

On a biochemical level, picrotoxin or more precisely its active constituent, picrotoxinin act as GABA gamma-amino butyric acid antagonists. The dried fruits constitute the drug known as “cocculus” or “cocculus indicus”. M, Menispermum cocculus L. Pollination is probably effected by insects which are attracted by coccklus scent of the flowers. Encyclopedia of Life EOL.

The resulting paste coccculus made into pellets used as fish bait. Occurrence Occurrence Occurrence Records. A large, dioecious liana, up to 15 m long; stem twisting to the left, up to 10 cm in diameter, with stout, smooth branches, young stems and petioles pale straw-coloured when drying, striate, wood white or yellowish, exuding white milky sap when cut.

Anamirta cocculus – Useful Tropical Plants

However, they can easily be distinguished. Early Papers and Some Memories. Message The user has shared this species from India Biodiversity Portal with you. Anamirts of the stem is added to native wine and is drunk to make the blood strong. Tropical flora Medicinal plants of Asia Poisonous plants Herbal and fungal stimulants Menispermaceae.


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Anamirta cocculus – Wikipedia

Fibre from the stem used to make ropes for house construction. In addition, the stem and roots contain only small amounts about 0. GABA antagonistic activity by interacting with the barbiturate binding site on the receptor. Flowers unisexual, many, in large drooping panicles on old branches; sepals xnamirta in 2 rows, 3 x 2 mm, ovate, yellow; petals absent; stamens 9, combined into a globose staminal column, anthers sessile; staminodes 9 in female flowers, obovate, scaly; carpels 3, free; style absent; stigma recurved.

Can include ecosystem services. A general description, with any kind of information about the taxon.

Anamirta cocculus

Useful Plant Species with Toxic Substance. This page was last edited on 29 Decemberat Despite its longstanding use no reports of cultivation, let alone breeding efforts have been recorded. The English common names are Indian berry[5] anamirtsor Levant nut [9] both referring to the dried fruit, and to the plant by synecdoche and coca de Levante in Spanish ; it is variously known as ligtangamamirta Mindanaobayati Tagalogand variations thereof throughout its natural distribution the PhilippinesEast IndiaMalaysiaand New Guinea.

The leaves may be used as a poultice for headache, stomach-ache or delayed menstruation. In South-East Asia the fruit of A. Assam, Odisha Indian Distribution Assam. The domatia in the leaves of A. It includes published material or suggestions from the author or others. Retrieved from ” https: On the other hand, picrotoxinin specifically binds to the same barbiturate site, but blocks the opening of the chloride channel.


In Laos, the fruit is used in very small doses to treat eruptive fevers. On the other hand, in medicinal research, picrotoxinin is generally used as an experimental substance in the laboratory, and in laboratory animals. Upon ingestion of these pills the fish become stupefied and will float to the surface, after which the fish must be swiftly eviscerated. Furthermore, the fruits contain the isoquinoline alkaloids menispermine, paramenispermine, magnoflorine, stephorine, berberine, palmatine and l,8-oxotetrahydropalmatine.

Anamirta cocculus Indian berry Anamirta cocculus Scientific classification Kingdom: In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Comprising its size, shape, texture and orientation. When the endogenous agonist GABA is released into the synaptic cleft, the receptor opens its anaamirta channel, resulting in an influx of chloride ions and hyperpolarization of the membrane, thus being responsible for the naamirta pharmacological effects.