Altingia excelsa. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to navigation Jump to search. APG IV Classification: Domain: Eukaryota. Identity. Top of page. Preferred Scientific Name. Altingia excelsa Noronha. Preferred Common Name. rasamala. Other Scientific Names. Liquidambar altingiana. Description of Altingia excelsa Noroña (Rasamala), generated from a DELTA database.

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In Sumatra, and the spread of A. Some recent genetic evidence suggests Altingia should be merged into a altingi circumscription of Liquidambarbut other evidence maintains their separation. This page was last edited on 22 Marchat Can be buds that were 1 month old can be weaned on the polybag that already contain rich media in organic material.

Altingia – Wikipedia

Rays 8—11 per tangential mm, multiseriate, 1—4 —5 cells wide. Posted by Name of creature based on the Latin name at Crystal containing cells of normal size, or enlarged idioblasts. Apotracheal axial parenchyma diffuse, or diffuse-in-aggregates.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. They are evergreen trees growing to 10—50 m tall. In other projects Altinvia Commons Wikispecies. In addition to the fertilized seed, in every room also contains the seeds are not fertilized, which reached to 35 grains.

Vector vaccination is unknown, but the broker is suspected of wind for pollination, on the basis of the review that the flower has no petals and the corolla, stamens, and very abundant, and the President of the stigma of “papillae”. Heartwood basically brown to red. Rasamalabad, tulasan, mandung Indonesia.



Panicle female flowers consist of fromsimilar to the assembly of the head. Perforation plates scalariformwith 15—30 bars. Grows naturally, especially in humid site with rainfall over mm in the month, and the volcanic soil. If late, you may be the result of empty because seeds have dispersed.

Altingia is a genus of 11 species of flowering plants in the family Altingiaceaeformerly often treated in the related family Hamamelidaceae. Wu Zhengyi, Peter H. Young leaves are often red color of vegetables or salad.

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In Java, which was used finely ground leaves cough medicine. The seeds altinhia be used to sort the table sort seed by weight.

Saxifragales genera Altingiaceae Liquidambar Saxifragales stubs. Altingia Altingia gracilipes Scientific classification Kingdom: Crystals presentprismatic, located in ray cells. Pigg; Jun Wen”Comparative infructescence morphology in Altingia Altingiaceae and discordance between morphological and molecular phylogenies”, American Journal of Botany94 7: Other deposits present reddish brown.

Altingia excelsa Images

Trade and wltingia names: The leaves are used as food by the larvae of some Lepidopteraincluding Endoclita damor. The flowers are produced in a dense globose inflorescencesimilar to those of the related genus Liquidambar. Wednesday, August 17, Rasamala – Altingia excelsa, Noronha. With this treatment, and will be open so that the fruit of seeds extracted easily.

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Fibres of medium wall thickness to very thick-walled. Axial parenchyma as strands. Cite this publication as: This Saxifragales -related article is a stub. Scalariform intervessel pits restricted to overlapping vessel tails. Each room contains seeds that have been eexcelsa.


In addition, wood used in heavy construction vehicles and the system, and boats and ships, and the Word, and Raft, finir, and plywood.

Vessel-ray pits with reduced borders or apparently simple, rounded or angular or horizontal to vertical, mostly restricted to marginal rows. Media commonly used seeding the sand and soil mixture is 1: The interactive key allows access to the character list, illustrations, full and partial descriptions, diagnostic descriptions, differences and similarities between taxa, lists of taxa exhibiting specified attributes, summaries of attributes within groups of taxa, and geographical distribution.

Number of crystals per cell or chamber one. He called on young trees of altingiaa meeting and in the form of a pyramid, and then gradually became round after dark.

Wood bark smooth, gray, and red. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Pigg; Jun Wen”Comparative infructescence morphology in Liquidambar Altingiaceae and its evolutionary significance”American Journal of Botany92 8: Season flowering and Ithmaar In Java, and this type of flowering and fruiting throughout the year, but peak flowering April and May.

Due to the high branches freely, then the window is suitable for wood columns and columns of bridges, construction, electricity, telephone and railway lines and buffer the file.

Male and female flowers separately on the tree itself.