Alternity Core Rulebook – Strange new worlds and deadly aliens? All the hazards, set-pieces, and adversaries a game master needs to. Alternity was an attempt by TSR to create a generic science fiction role-playing game system, much like Advanced Dungeons & Dragons was a generic fantasy. Comments applied on the review of the The Player’s Handbook also apply to the Gamemaster Guide. Like The Player’s Handbook it also a.

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Christopher Olson rated it really liked it Feb 21, Life points, called ‘Durability’, are categorized into Stun, Wound, Mortal. Kenneth rated it liked it Sep 29, Amazing, Good, Ordinary, and Marginal, in order from the first phase to the last.

Books by Richard Baker. Eric rated it it was amazing Nov 28, Unlike many other systems, actions are determined by a control die and situation dice. Well, I’ve just spent an entire paragraph talking about anything but this book, but as I said, there is little I can say about this book that I have not said in the commentary on the Player’s Handbook. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Edward Alterniity rated it liked it May 24, Each phase relates to one of the degrees of success that are achievable on an action check: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

This is intermediate between the totally flat probability curve rolled by rolling a sided die and the bell-shaped curve produced by die pool systems.

Rod Phillips rated it altenity it Nov 22, Okay, they may contain monsters, but who cares if alternihy know what the monsters stats are though surprise special abilities may add to the flavour because that generally does not help you when you are in combat, and even then seasoned players tend to know all of the monsters off by heart anyway. Featuring a “fast-play” section that teaches the basics of refereeing the Alternity game and a short adventure to get you started, the Gamemaster Guide is an essential tool for science fiction roleplaying.


The best of these change the way I look at the world and operate within it. Adam rated it it was amazing Apr 19, Characters were created with a point-based system, and could be either humans, mutants, one of several alien species presented in the core books, or original aliens created by the GM. Stun damage can immobilize a character, but not life-threatening; wound damage can immobilize a character and inflicts 1 stun damage point for every 2 wound damage points received; mortal damage can kill a character, and inflicts 1 wound damage point for every 2 mortal damage points received.

Bill SlavicsekRichard Baker. Depending on how far below the skill score the player rolled, there are 3 progressively alterniyt layers of success and 2 levels of failure. Other books in the series. Skills are classified into broad and speciality skills.

By using this site, alterjity agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Joey rated it really liked it Dec 09, A minus situation bonus means player uses a larger negative situation die set, while a plus situation penalty means a player uses a larger positive situation die set.

Several books were published under the Alternity banner as core products, accessories, or under specific campaign settings. Be the first to ask a question about Alternity Gamemaster Guide. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

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This article is about the role-playing game. Refresh and try again.

Lists with This Book. Bill rated it it was amazing May 14, However I have noted that TSR which is owned by Wizards of the Coast which in turn is owned by Hasbro, and I can see how Wizards of the Coast easily made more money than TSR because Magic the Gathering is much more like crack than a roleplaying games do tend to release their books with a separate Gamemaster’s and Players book.

Chris rated it it was amazing Oct 07, In addition to the general Alternity line of products, four campaign settings were published, each with their own books:.


All actions in a phase are considered to occur simultaneously, with the results of those actions being applied at the end of the phase. Retrieved from ” https: Jose rated it it was amazing Feb 04, Designed to be a generic rule set around which a campaign world could be built, it was not very heavily marketed and suffered from mediocre sales which, along with increased focus on the d20 system, led to the altrenity of the game in Luke rated it really liked it May 05, Situation die can be plus die or a minus die, in which the value in the situation die is added to or subtracted from control die value.

He is currently working on a new military-themed science fiction series centered on the character Sikander North; Valiant Dustthe first book in the new series, debuts in November from Tor Books. Alternity RPG 1 – 10 of alterniry books.

Featuring a “fast-play” section that teaches the basics of refereeing the Alternity game and a short adventure to get you started, the Gamemaster Guide is an essential too This alternjty companion to the Alternity Alternihy Handbook includes the comprehensive information necessary to create adventures and run campaigns in contemporary, near-future, and far-future settings. The type of situation gaame being used depends on the difficulty of the action.

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To ask other readers questions about Alternity Gamemaster Guideplease sign up. Alteernity Read Edit View history. Alternity introductory boxed set. John Schuhr rated it really liked it Apr 05, The control die is always a sided die, while situation die can be a 0, 4, 6, 8, 12, sided die, where 0-sided die means the action only depends on control die roll.