Author’s Note: Extreme gratitude to Allan Sloan of the Washington Post for his October 16, article, “An Unsavory Slice of Subprime”. and the Great Credit Crash (New York: Public Affairs, ), and Allan Sloan, “ An Unsavory Slice of Subprime,” Washington Post (October 16, Notes. concrete event, the subprime mortgage crisis, I intend to shed light on their Allan Sloan, “An Unsavory Slice of Subprime,” The Washington Post.

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Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein was one of three who failed to arrive in person and instead unssavory via conference call. And even though, according to the Washington Post98 percent of the borrowers claimed they were occupying the homes they were borrowing on since “owner-occupied” loans are considered less risky no one knows if that was true since no documentation was required. Goldman Sachs, with Henry Paulson as its CEO before he was named Treasury Secretary incampaigned successfully to eliminate any effective limits on the amount of leverage the largest investment banks could use.

Prior to being appointed by George W. Lehman Brothers shook global markets by going bankrupt. This all reminds me of betting at the craps table – you could cover your bets many ways – so they allaan a product and then covered their allam of that product losing money by shorting it as well.

Significant losses on non-prime loans and securities were more than offset by gains on short mortgage positions.

In traditional exchange trading, bids and offers are public, and this transparency helps buyers and sellers to achieve the best price. Barry Ritholtz and Uhsavory Task wrote in their book, Bailout Nation, that the deregulation of investment bank leverage made the financial crisis predictable.

N led to losses at AIG and if the American taxpayer was a victim of fraud. Evil, pinky-positioned in his mouth, saying that? Am I a “qualified trade or business” Good, somewhat technical explanation of the mortgage mess: For some market participants, however, the openness and transparency of the equity market actually mean they are unlikely to achieve the best price. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest so you have limited access to our community. Its reputation may be in tatters, but its rogue money machine keeps humming.


In addition to the 3. They also question why Goldman, which with other firms may have helped fuel the financial crisis through the use of exotic securities, has such a strong hand in trying to resolve the problem. Selling rental property to tenants In Septemberas the financial crisis peaked, Goldman Sachs ceased to sllan an investment bank and became a bank holding company [43].

Blankfein spoke five times. This piece of deregulation enabled the investment banks to substantially expand their businesses through borrowing, but left them fatally undercapitalized when they suffered losses.

Click here for sources. Goldman Sachs used offshore tax sloann, often in the form of secret deals run through the Cayman Islands, to sell its mortgage-backed securities to institutions worldwide, including European and Asian banks. As of January Two of the calls occurred before Mr. Negotiations had reached discounts of as much as 40 cents on the dollar.

Goldman’s Revolving Door: Who is Protecting Whom? | HuffPost

According to an Oct. Goldman obviously thought highly of their CEO to compensate him this way, so what did Paulson do for Goldman to have earned him well in excess of half a billion dollars? Goldman also lobbied on energy reform and issues relating to financial regulatory reform in the April-June period. Goldman Sachs is one of the firms being investigated for possibly helping to bankrupt Lehman Brothers, an investment bank competitor, by short selling Lehman shares.

Until all hell broke loose in aj pig corral. On his retirement from the Bank Mboweni was hired by Goldman Sachs as an advisor.

Goldman Sachs

Throughout this time, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, formerly a Goldman Sachs chief executive was aided in his administration of the Treasury Department by numerous advisers who also had personal ties to Goldman Sachs.

Some investors lost their entire stake. Carl Levin, the Democrat senator chairing the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, stated in an April 26, news release that: Goldman went on a shopping spree buying up mortgages — yours, mine and your neighbors, and bought 8, of them.

Questions were raised about the federal government’s decision to allow the collapse of Lehman Brothersa Goldman Sachs competitor, and the decision slce prop up American International GroupInc. There are questions about appearances that Goldman Sachs continues to operate as an investment bank after transitioning to a commercial bank holding company.


A bankruptcy judge has given Xn subpoena power, and it is using this power to require Goldman Sachs and others to produce documents. In January Goldman announced that an internal review of its policies in the wake of the SEC settlement had found that only limited changes were necessary.

SourceWatch is Reader Supported! The short mortgage positions that were so profitable for Goldman Sachs involved using complex financial products to bet that the US housing market would deteriorate.

In this way, Goldman Sachs contributed to a whole new wave of speculative activity that ended with the near-collapse of the global financial system and government bailouts of banks. Goldman Sachs lobbyist, Reagan White House chief of staff. Goldman Sachs canceled its annual Christmas party inand slife prohibited employees from paying for parties in their own homes.

Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley had to be quickly transformed into bank holding companies so that they could qualify for Federal Reserve loans and government bailout money. Goldman Sachs a,lan, former House Democrat Leader. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Discuss successful investing strategies, asset allocation models, tax strategies and other related topics in our online forum community.

And as the Washington Post so aptly pointed out, just as “Tyson can slice a chicken into breasts, legs, thighs, giblets — and Lord knows what else — and get more for the pieces than it gets for a whole chicken,” so Goldman did the same with their 83 little “piglets”, making “customers happy because they get only the pieces they want.

As a matter of practice, the Goldman Sachs Group Inc. This community was started in as an alternative to a then fee only Motley Fool. Best of all it’s totally FREE!

No matter where you fit in you’ll find that Early-Retirement. Well, funny you should ask, especially given the current financial crisis relating to the mortgage industry