ALESIS Photon 25 • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. Lastmanuals provides you a fast and easy access to the user manual ALESIS PHOTON X We hope that this ALESIS PHOTON X25 user guide will be useful . musical instrument, dj equipment manuals, user guides, spec sheets. Alesis Photon 25 Musical Instrument User Manual. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4.

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All user reviews for the Alesis Photon X25

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Alesis Photon X25 bit, What do you think? Rate and Review This Product. See all Alesis Compact Keyboard Controllers. See all Alesis Products. See all Compact Keyboard Controllers.

The features are probably one of the X25’s strongest points. With the latest driver the controller had no problem expressing all it’s knobs and buttons through Reason on my Windows 7 laptop.

It’s knobs and wheels are smooth, the AXYZ sensor is also very sensitive. Balanced or un-balanced audio inputs too?! The only thing I can say against the features is this units lack of pads, it would truly be an all purpose MIDI controller if it had even 4.

Although the LCD display is small, it clearly displays all of the controllers information. This aleais high quality synth gear, the best plastic aalesis keys can get, nice rubber knobs and wheels, and a bit of weight to it is always a good sign of quality electronics. The value of this product is of course quite reletive to an individuals needs.


Alesis PHOTON X 25 Manuals

If you are looking for a small MIDI setup, this plus a pad trigger is probably it. Easy to find and read downloadable manuals and drivers. It’s very likely you won’t need to call Alesis. When I purchaced this gear I read a lot of posts on forums about getting the Photon X25 to respond with Windows 7 and Vista. To get mine to work was very simple. Of course it didn’t respond as soon as I plugged it in, rarely anything ever does!

Alesis provides a document for resetting x5 AXYZ and the factory defaults. Windows provides great documentation about configuring and updating USB ports. Great spacey colors and lights, the mod and bend wheels gradually glow brighter as you roll them, backlit green display.

Looks like a ton of fun. One rating point lost because Alesis doesn’t make a black one. Has everything I was looking for, but I wish Alesis made a power supply appropriate for this controller. I hate relying on batteries when I can’t get a USB 1.

Learned to program presets without having to read the manual. Never had any problems with the keys, but the controller assignments are sometimes flaky.

A few times I’ve tried to turn a knob and gotten gibberish on the display, with no CC data sent. Changing the CC value makes it work again, but this kind of unreliability is unacceptable for performance if you need the knobs. I have had problems with the pitch bend and mod wheel calibration, this is a known issue and Alesis alesi a recalibration guide on their website.

Having to recalibrate my controls about once every two months is a drag. Will never route an audio signal through this device, nor will I recommend it. If everything worked as it should, it would be worth the price, but instead I get 25 keys, some unreliable controls, and useless audio capabilities. I wish I’d gotten a Photon Looks like a toy IMO. The light-up controls don’t appeal to me, but everyone I know likes them. An intro-level MIDI controller compact enough to take on the road.

If you’re willing to take the time to learn to deal with its quirks, it’s not bad. Works well on pphoton tower with no issues. BUTT, thats a big butt my Dell Inspiron laptop for some Reason, cant power this particular alexis via USB and the Battery power drained right down so I had to suffer the expense, and worse, the inconvenience of another cable power supply.

Also, the audio would squeal out high pitched sounds that I couldnt use whenever the laptops disk drive spun. The templates arent to usable for the synths in Reason. Similar buttons are mapped to different layers. Aleiss much togling back and forth. Its kinda sucky like that, at least for me. The thing went into melt down from the low power conditions when connected to my kickass notebook.


USB is rated for 5 volts but this units power supply requirements is 6 volts, also four C batteries at 1. So, I dont understand this. Although, again it does work on my tower PC.

Anyway, the thing had to be reflashed as per Alesis website instructions. I needed this to connect to my notebook so Im going to return it.

I wish it worked. If it worked that is. The keys feel way better than M-Audio’s do.

Alesis Photon X25 User Reviews | zZounds

Only Alesiis higher up SL series feels better. Overall very solid and well built. Great value if it works with your setup, worthless in my case. Some support, but I shouldnt have needed it. I felt like a Alesis tech when I was running thier flash upload utility.

Like I said, best bang for the dollar IF it works for you. Just didnt have any luck, I akesis. While it may work manuzl in standalone mode with one soft synth, it becomes totally unusable in DAW because it lacks an ASIO control pannel phoon provides you with latency control.

This means if you put a couple of synths and effects your DAW is dead because of a too small latency you can’t change! It is a great MIDI keyboard, lots of controls and knobs but be ware: This means your keyboard is not going to read the soft synth’s preset values and adjust the knobs values to phoon.

This is a big problem with all the MIDI controllers. It may work fine if you are using it for one instrument only, but in a DAW, constantly jumping from track to track, from preset to preset it becomes pretty frustrating. Good quality Manufacturer Support: Alessi came without a cable, but I returned it anyways. Great MIDI controller with audio In real pro life it becomes just a great illuminated xmas decoration for your studio.

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