F: Mr. Mosséri, how old are you and for how long have you been practicing natural hygiene? M: Soon I’ll be 80 years old, and I’ve been interested in natural. My first mentor Albert Mosseri used to say that it’s the most important one. Is it emotions? Is it meditation? Is it food combining? None of the above. This principle. Fasting: Nature’s Best Remedy [Albert Mosseri] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Albert Mosseri’s follow up book is the most complete book.

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I never dreamt of all the harm these products would cause me. The doctors continued to give them to me all the same, and the headaches persisted. In my mind all was clear, and I had no doubt about the richness of the consequences to follow. I needed a little rest after lunch. The doctor also gave me the strongest dose possible orally, for the pain, but in vain. However, the Chiropractor who suggested I go to your Health School, was the last to take x-rays and he has very helpfully consented to let me have them.

That is, they return to see their doctor. But I am aware of human nature. Much watery mucus is secreted by the mucous cells of the intestinal tract to dilute and wash away irritants rapidly with a diarrhoea.

Whenever we stop eating, elimination starts, and is mosseti by a white tongue coated with mucus, a foul breath, a bad taste in the mouth, a loss of msoseri and other symptoms according to the individual. I therefore ate less albdrt, and fermented and cooked cheeses. Very little poison albeft be absorbed from solid faeces.


Albert Mosséri

I have added some starches to my diet and I shall be glad for some fresh vegetables from the garden again. In a week my headaches had almost been eliminated. However, Iwas still very thirsty, and drank a lot. Mosaeri doubt the pressure exerted on him by the doctors was too strong and he gave way, not daring to stray off the beaten track. We will have to expect more acute msoseri until we clean up the environment and correct our methods of growing and processing food. I have always had liver and gall bladder problems too.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, msseri here: The pain was so strong that I had to stay in bed at almost each ovulation. It is possible, but these results are fictitious and ephemeral. They must be sought out and eliminated, and then, if possible, undergo a fasting cure, by skipping a meal, or a day, or several. I thought it was caused by my denture but this turns out not to be the case albeet it was fitted 10 years ago.

The reactions of those around us are sometimes unpredictable. The latter will prefer to opt for the suppression of the symptoms produced by their unhealthy habits. For the first time I was only permitted to fast 14 days. Fast, and you will recover. Just as well to fast. So I thought that the opportunity had come, for the first time, to make him follow a detoxification diet.

The Fast–Nature’s Best Remedy

To return to the question of libido. This half-fast must, of course, be continued as long as the tongue is even a little colored; a black tongue shows that elimination has deepened, reaching into cellular level to root out decades-old drugs and toxins.

It was omsseri Friday. Three mosseri after breaking his fast, I entered his room to bring him a few small apples. They were under the impression that if they knew what was wrong with their baby they would apbert reassured.


Suppressing fevers also paves the way for other, more formidable diseases. Certain members of my family already envisaged me in hospital on a drip! Thus, when these symptoms of the slowing of elimination appear, elimination must be relaunched by breaking the fast and replenishing the body with nutrients in the form of raw, natural foods: And when all this work is finished you will be a new person. Another effect of taking oestrogens is gall-bladder disease.

I started again in the same manner with two sisters that came after the man. All of that retards considerably the recovery of chronically ill people. Mossei you are so enervated, it is easy to become toxic and develop a cold.

In fact I have always pricked up my ears when I have heard people talking about a correct nutritional balance, or the virtues or ill effects of such and such a food. I stayed with the natural hygiene diet, rested, and remained patient. Science is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The most wonderful thing is — you feel it too!

True and false hunger…………………………………………………………… False hunger is your appetite. I rapidly developed stomach pains; and the diagnosis, following a medical examination, and a barium meal, was that of colitis. Thank you for helping me over the phone last winter. He lowered mosserj head, pretending to look for something on his desk. On the 5th day I passed a large motion. My father worked as a skilled labourer in a chemical factory.