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Digital clock using 74ls160

Calvert Created 23 74ls160f Last revised 11 July The time is accurate enough for general public use, however, and the generating authority may specify how closely it agrees with Xatasheet Time. You’ll build and test ripple binary, synchronous binary, and Johnson ring counters.

The first time this will give us a clear output will be at 24, and this is just what we want. When both J and K are high, the complement of the current state is fed back, so the flip-flop will toggle when E goes high. When the selector is in the up state, the counter increments its value.

Digital clock using 74ls | All About Circuits

Word is definitely not the package you should use to communicate schematics what beenthere 74ls1600dso I translated what I could 74lss160d. A glance at the logic diagrams for these chips show that the decoding is not as simple as for a Johnson counter. Comparing with my watch, the variation was no greater than one second over the test period. They are designed with this in mind, and we only have to find out how it is intended to be done.

Also, a switch to disconnect the high voltage when the clock will not be observed as at night will extend the life of the Nixies. With a 5 V supply, it will count up to 22 MHz. Occasionally there are advantages to using a counting sequence other than the natural binary sequence—such as the binary coded decimal counter, a linear feedback shift register counter, or a Gray-code counter.


As a CMOS chip, its inputs draw nearly no current. You might have expected modulo-8, but here the clear does not occur until the next clock, instead of at once, as with the LS A is a decimal counter. The three principal types of counters have been studied above, so that you know their fundamentals, their advantages and their drawbacks.

The experimenter will have no difficulty with this. Jan 17, There is nothing strange at all in this. All these outputs are detected by the 74HC21 and used to clear the counter after the th count. One output gives a negative pulse usually used for counter clocks and the other gives a datasheey pulse.

Jan 16, 8. The simplest way is ripple cascading, which is appropriate for the 74LS90 family. It is not difficult to make a Nixie clock, so if you are interested the project will be enjoyable.

For example, if an 8-bit ripple counter is atthe next clock produces, and so on before finally reachingthe next datazheet state. Note that S of the master cannot be high when J 74ls10d low, nor R high when K is low. For Nixie tubes, or similar digital displays, we need full decoding of the counter states, as provided directly by the With this family, you can get modulo 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16 directly, with no extra logic. This is the Johnson counter that is based on a shift register of N stages.

Two toggle flip-flops can be connected so they will count this way, as shown at the left. Jul 17, 22, 1, This is the oscillator I intend to use when I build a clock.

It is important to get the bits in the correct order when constructing a circuit. The output misnamed Carry Out, CO, is not a carry-out, but has a very definite purpose.

Multisim and Ultiboard

This appendix describes the level-sensitive or master-slave JK flip-flop, realized as the or the I used 4-input NAND binary 9 on the ones digit and 5 on the tens digit. The next count should return the counter to zero. It may be fun, but is not very instructive.


Applications include, digital counters, frequency counters, digital clocks, program counters, memory addressors, and others where high performance, glitch-free, counting is required. There are a variety of models that accomplish this, but for our purposes we are using the 74LS or the 74LS I will discuss their differences later because of their common application in the area of counting.

If you are building a clock, you will need two of these counters, one to count seconds up to minutes, the other to count minutes up to hours. Jan 15, 2. Connect two LS’s in this way, with each set up for normal counting. This is exactly what you did with the LS90 counter to make a modulo-N counter.

Also shown is a 5 V supply made from inexpensive parts.

For the LS74, the delay time is somewhere around 25 ns, so a bit counter will require about ns to settle down. The output is not well-filtered, but this is not necessary for the Nixie anodes. Here, the digit on the right corresponds to the flip-flop on the left in the diagram. RCO of the second counter will go high when the output is 99, so this can be used to enable a third counter, which will then count hundreds.

For this reason, it is not 74ls1160d to look at the intermediate bits of a ripple counter, and they are not satisfactory for clocks. This is done quite simply by combining the 2 and 4 outputs in an LS08 AND gate, and using the output to clear both counters.