Caractéristiques de la tétrode à faisceaux 6Π3C (6P3S): VA=V, VG2=V, VG1=V, IA=72mA, IG2=5V, S=6mA/V, K(µ)=, Ri=Ω, Ra=Ω. Some of the Russian designed 6p3s will work in place of 6L6GC, but not all of them – you. Seems to be something like a 6L6GB. I’ve found a spec sheet here: http://www. It looks like.

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He loves the amp and says the tubes are all still going strong. Mar 13, Mar 12, 3. Not tibe replacement for a though, as I was hoping.

Home Forums Recent Posts. Dec 12, 8. Your name or email address: Years ago I had come across some reviews or posts explaining how these were designed to run in radio equipment and radar stations out in the middle of Siberia and other remote points, so they were overbuilt. Of course it’s going to half the output impedence from 8 tubs 4 ohm on a standard OT. Mar 12, 9.

  CEI 81-10 2 PDF

Then there’s the glowing hype. It is a pretty robust tube.

5881 / 6L6WGC / 6P3S-E – Russia / Sov.

I asked about the 6p3s in another thread, but no one answered so I thought maybe this was a better place. Lots of them cheap on ebay, but hard to find true matched pairs. A 6P3S dissipates around 20 watts.

Mar 12, 7. The 6P3S gets a lot of trash talk and some sing its praises. Apr 16, The -E version are great tubes.

6P3S-E = 6L6 = 6L6GT = 6L6GC = 5881 tube. Output tetrode. Reflector plant

Mar 12, 8. The metal tube retainer clamps contact the glass! Dec 12, 7.

They dropped the max plate voltage down to v. I worked yube a Twin that someone had installed them into. Mar 12, 2. They work fine at PV ofand sound pretty good. The 6L6G is the oldest version.

It is basically a weak kneed 6L6 wannabe. BiggerJohnSep 24, Mar 12, 1.

6П3С, Tube 6П3С; Röhre 6П3С ID, Beam Power Tube

Relatively low voltage, relatively high current. The gube 6p3s can dissipate only I’ve had several sets of 6P3S-Es. See how they did it? Log in or Sign up. One site says, “This high quality beam tetrode tubes used in output stages of low frequency amplifiers” Numerous eBay listings say they’re “rare”.


I have used the Russian 6p3s-E, the coin based version and they’re totally different tubes, the “-E” version is just a and are great tubes. I tried and experiment a while back using a tweed princeton style circuit with beefed up transformers. GearHeadFredMar 13, Some of the Ebay ones look different. I was thinking 6p3w might be nice to try in something like a Deluxe or Deluxe Reverb